Central Coast Slam Down 5 Recap

Well, it was another good year. With great weather off the coast except for some fog. The big winner this year was Central Coast Autism Spectrum Center.  This year the Slam Down raised $4500 for them. This is enough to send almost 60 kids to Camp Expedition next summer. Seemed the bite was tough for […]

Central Coast Slam Down 5

The long wait is over and the Central Coast Slam Down V registration is up and running. Want to give a huge shout out to our good buddy over at Konig Media for making registration so smooth again and also designing a logo for the forth year that is unique to the Slam Down and […]

Estero Bay Challenge 2

Was able to get the weekend off work and able to participate in a great tournament right here on the Central Coast. Morning started with everyone meeting at Montona de Oro with a 6:30am launch. Launched with Ryanimpreza, AnacapaBob and DerrickA2H and we headed to some spots off shore and I started to pick at […]

Leffingwell Whale Show

Recent whale activity has been up on the Central Coast. Check out this video one of our members shot over a recent weekend. youtube.com/watch?v=XLILk2OBI6c   Thanks Alex and make sure to subscribe to his YouTube Channel.

Spawning Bass Await

Been getting out on the lakes since the ocean has been hit and miss with storm after storms rolling through. This past Sunday a couple of us loaded the yaks and met up at Santa Margarita for some bass fishing. Plan was to fish points and hope to find some bass getting ready to spawn. […]

Lucky Tackle Box BASS XL – MARCH 2016

Received my second Lucky Tackle Box and some really cool swag in this months box. Check it out.   Have to say probably not the exact price on some of the things like the 4 packs of swim baits but still a good deal for the hard baits and even top water frogs. Live Target […]

Hobie Outback Rectangle Hatch Install

Hobie Outback users this modification seems really intimidating but if you measure properly and make sure you do not over cut the kayak your gonna be just fine and have the option to have the Rectangle Hatch on your Hobie Outback. Feel free to ask any question about this modification. As I truly feel like […]

The 2016 Hobie Outback Review

Full review of the 2016 Hobie Outback. Thing comes ready to peddle and is built for comfort and stability. Hope you enjoyed please Subscribe and comment below of what type of video you would like to see in the future.   Vantage CT Seating is the biggest perk of this new outback. This thing can […]

February Lucky Tackle Box BASS XL

Never done an Unboxing like this before, but figured why not give it a try with this. Have never ordered a Lucky Tackle Box or Mystery Tackle box but happy with the product. Great for the local lakes and pretty great bang for the buck. Found a promo code for $10 off first months box […]