Central Coast Slam Down 7


When: September 15th, 2018

Where: El Chorro Regional Park, Fishing any launch location on the SLO coast.

What: Kayak Fishing along the Central Coast. This year, anglers will come together and compete for a chance to win an all-inclusive trip to Los Buzos, Panama from January 5-11th, 2019 and compete in the Kayak Fishing World Championship, which has grand prize of $10,000. Learn more about this awesome resort from the videos below. This years event will be a catch and release format again. We will be using the I Angler Tournament app to score all the catches this year.

Why: This year all proceeds from the tournament raffle will go directly to the Central Coast Autism Spectrum Center to help with funds required for Camp Expedition, Teen Dances, Game Nights, Talent Shows, First Responder Outreach Training’s, Support Groups, Adult Programs, and local advocacy.

Thank You From Central Coast Autism Spectrum Center

Thank You From Central Coast Autism Spectrum Center

Here is some details on the Los Buzos trip you could win.

Check out some of the awesome videos and photos from last year.

The video to past Slam Down from Fisheye Channel