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Mailbu Pro Tandem 2
« on: October 20, 2010, 07:23 PM »
Ok last one in my little navy. First kayak ever bought. An ebay find. Kayak has 6 flush mount rod holders. Can be used as a tandem (wouldn't recommend it unless you wish to end your relationship with your female partners. They  call them DIVORCE kayaks for a reason)

Two round deck plates and one very large square hatch. Fish finder not shown. Live bait tank and anything else you can strap on.

When I was less heavy I would paddle from the rear. I liked having all that deck space. Well a few years later and front end became a little light. So I added more pad eyes to allow seat to be moved forward. Center of gravity a little higher but still paddles pretty good.

The grey PVC pipe is used as a foot rest when paddling from the middle of the yak. Fits nice and snug in the scupper holes.
Stable  ride but, no speed demon here.

Happy yaking


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