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Trident Ultra 4.7
« on: January 05, 2011, 01:07 PM »
for those that haven't seen this yak

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Re: Trident Ultra 4.7
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2016, 10:07 AM »
Update/review: The front hatch is now a "click hatch" (2014 model). It works pretty well. Be advised.... It's not completely watertight. It has an issue with letting in water if the craft has been tipped on it's side for a brief amount of time. The rear ice box is nice..... but it's not cheap. The last time I checked it was $289.

There is a small rectangular compartment directly behind the seat. Down is Ausie land they use that area for a factory made live well. Unfortunately the attachments for the live well are not sold in the USA. The company also stopped making them a couple of years ago. Now the same compartment is used to house a watertight storage box. I put a few cut PVC pipes in it to keep my irons in order.
The center storage compartment is nice. It keeps stuff nice and dry. The concept wasn't really thought all the way through though. The compartment twists so electronics on top of it can be protected during high surf  landings and take-offs. It works great as long as you aren't using your storage compartment for storage. You would need to leave at least 1/3 of the forward compartment empty in order to keep your fishfinder dry. The top of the compartment is very nice. It has several pre drilled holes that are fitted with brass threads for things like extra pad eyes, Scotty rod holders, and bungee straps.

There is a rod tube that can be installed in the rear part of the center storage. It's about 48" long. Again....nice to have as long as you don't use the storage pod for storage. If you use the rod tube for a couple of 6-7' rods your storage hatch will be full. I have been using the paddle holders on the side of the kayak for high surf entries. I learned to do that after 2 broken rods.

This boat is a heavy beast. It's pretty hard to take it anywhere. On the other hand, very maneuverable and fast on the water. It's also very stable. This kayak has gotten me trough some harrowing experiences involving high winds, current, and washing machine swells.

The Ocean Kayak customer service department has been outstanding. They have been very helpful when it comes to ordering parts and answering questions.

I hope this little review helps you out.
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