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Re: 1-17-2015 Lake San Antonio AOTY Awards Fish N Chill
« Reply #90 on: January 19, 2015, 04:33 PM »
That was fun! It was cool to hang out with the NCKA crew and meet some of the CCKF guys too. I wish I met more of the CCKF crew, but I'm sure there will be lots of opportunities this year.

Pablito and I carpooled down from Marina and arrived at the crack of 10 on Saturday morning. Everybody was OTW already and I heard some nice fish were caught...  Then I proceeded to troll around the entire lake while enjoying a few cheladas. It was downright warm. No shirt weather, as evidenced by the "shirtless pale guy convention" that followed (me & Baitman won haha). I haven't been OTW much since having surgery in October, and was off the water since July...which is some kinda horrible record for me. Then my first 2 trips resulted in skunks...they were only short mellow trips to the Salinas river, but a skunk is a skunk. So it felt great to be back OTW but I threw the kitchen sink at em and was still skunking out (rapalas, swimbaits, a-rigs, bucktails, spoons).

After fishing all day, there was a chill awards ceremony on the shoreline and Rob matanaska scored a beautiful yellow SC Raptor. Then it was time to start the BBQ and make a fire. The actual campground is about 3 miles from the shoreline because the water level is so low (4% capacity). But that's too far from the water, so we said Fu&$ Yo Couch and setup shop on an old bridge that was exposed by the extremely low's probably been underwater for 50 years! We didn't defile it too bad though.
Best part of the night for me was paddling out to the floating bathroom at midnight to take a dump because the campground was too far...with portable christmas lights strung up my rods haha!

On Sunday morning everybody got up early to fish. I got out around 8 and started trolling towards the dam where I assumed everybody else went. There was a really thick layer of fog and vis was only about 300ft. About 5 minutes into my session, I hookup up on a jointed shad rap that was on a lonnng setback with my medium-action rod. While fighting it, my other rod went bendo (Yumbrella a-rig)...HOT DAMN!!! I got a friggen double! The a-rig was on a heavy rod w/50lb braid so I left it in the rodholder while trying to fight the first fish and avoid tangling as they spun my yak around, with me hollaring like that redneck Jimmy Houston WOOOO SON! hahaha... I ended up losing the second fish but landed the first and it felt awesome! Major rush of fishdrenaline. After that fish, anything else would be icing on the cake because I was stoked. But as luck would have it, I ended up catching another striper, 2 largemouth and a 35" carp. The striper & bass were all caught on the exact same lure. But I caught the carp on a 1/32oz crappie jig with 4lb test! It was an epic fight and I actually hooked it inside its mouth...compared to all the other carp that I briefly snagged on accident while trolling. Back on shore by 1030 to pack up my gear and chill with the crew. Mission completed.

Here's some pics! I had to use my phone because mama had the real camera. But I still got a few good pics.

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Re: 1-17-2015 Lake San Antonio AOTY Awards Fish N Chill
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well it is confirmed I missed out on a pretty sweet trip.  Looks like a lot good times and some quality fish too.  thanks everybody for their reports and pics so far.   

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Re: 1-17-2015 Lake San Antonio AOTY Awards Fish N Chill
« Reply #92 on: January 20, 2015, 12:35 PM »
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