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Regulations including MLPA / 2018-2019 Groundfish Regulations
« Last post by RHYAK on Today at 03:20 PM »
Read the updates often to make sure things are not changing on you

But the short of it.

RCG Complex (includes all species of Rockfish, Cabezon and Greenlings) Limit of 10 in combination of which 2 maybe Canary Rockfish, 3 maybe cabezon with a minimum length of 15inches, 3 maybe black rockfish.

Lingcod limit is 2 fish with a minimum length of 22 inches.

Gear Talk / Re: KNOTS
« Last post by RHYAK on Yesterday at 02:51 PM »
Ha! I didn't know what an SD jam knot was. i just watched a vid on it. Pretty cool! Thanks.

San Diego Jam has been added to the list
Regulations including MLPA / Salmon Season 2018
« Last post by RHYAK on Yesterday at 12:07 PM »
As with all regulations always check before heading out. DFG(w) has been known to make in season changes and would hate anyone to get caught with a out of season fish.

Recreational Salmon Seasons Set for 2018

The recreational salmon seasons have been set for 2018, and it appears to be a mixture of good news and bad for California anglers. Klamath River fall run Chinook are likely to be one of the better fishing opportunities due to higher returns that will support both ocean and inland salmon seasons. But returns for Sacramento River fall run Chinook - the main stock of salmon supporting California's ocean and Central Valley river fisheries - have been low for the third consecutive year, pushing them into "overfished" status.

In order to meet conservation goals for Sacramento River fall run Chinook, some ocean salmon seasons have been shortened and the daily bag and possession limits for Central Valley river fisheries have been reduced.

"The goal is to get even more fish back to the spawning grounds this fall than would be required in a normal year," said California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) Fisheries Branch Chief Kevin Shaffer.

In an effort to hasten the rebuilding process, the Pacific Fishery Management Council constructed conservative ocean salmon seasons for 2018, in hopes of producing higher numbers of returning spawners. The California Fish and Game Commission set similar ocean seasons.

The 2018 recreational ocean salmon season for the California coast is as follows:
In the Klamath Management Zone, which is the area between the Oregon/California border and Horse Mountain (4005'00" N. latitude), the season will open June 1 and continue through Sept. 3.
The Fort Bragg and San Francisco areas, which extend from Horse Mountain to Point Arena (3857'30" N. latitude) and Point Arena to Pigeon Point (3711'00" N. latitude), respectively, will open June 17 and continue through Oct. 31.
The Monterey area between Pigeon Point and the U.S./Mexico border opened on April 7 and will continue through July 2.
The minimum size limit is 20 inches total length in all areas north of Pigeon Point and 24 inches in all areas south of Pigeon Point. The daily bag limit is two Chinook salmon per day. No more than two daily bag limits may be possessed when on land. On a vessel in ocean waters, no person shall possess or bring ashore more than one daily bag limit. Retention of coho salmon (also known as silver salmon) is prohibited in all ocean fisheries off California.

The 2018 recreational inland salmon season for California waters is as follows:
Seasons for the Central Valley fishery start on traditional dates on all sections of all rivers. Only one salmon per day may be retained and the possession limit is two salmon.
In the Klamath River the season will open Aug. 15 and continue through Dec. 31. The Trinity River season will be open from Sept. 1 through Dec. 31. The daily bag limit is two salmon, with no more than one over 22 inches. The possession limit is six salmon, no more than three over 22 inches.
Regulations approved by the Commission since the 2017 season created a positive effect for the upcoming Central Valley salmon season. The new regulations - including a complete closure of Nimbus Basin on the American River to all fishing due to construction, a reduction in the daily bag and possession limit for the Central Valley, and a shortened leader length regulation intended to reduce snagging - were pivotal in setting seasons on the Sacramento River fall Chinook because they helped reduced potential harvest to meet stock rebuilding goals.
Regulations including MLPA / Canary Limit Increase starting April 14th
« Last post by RHYAK on April 10, 2018, 03:32 PM »

"Recreational Canary Rockfish Bag Limit Increases Effective April 14
The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) announces a statewide increase to the recreational canary rockfish (Sebastes pinniger) daily limit within the Rockfish, Cabezon and Greenling (RCG) bag limit. The sub-bag limit for canary rockfish will increase from one fish to two fish within the RCG daily bag limit of 10 fish, effective Saturday, April 14, 2018.

Limited retention of canary rockfish in California's recreational fishery began last year as a result of the stock being declared rebuilt. Because retention of canary rockfish had been prohibited in recreational fisheries off California for more than a decade, a one fish daily sub-bag limit was implemented as a matter of precaution. Catches were monitored weekly to ensure harvest limits were not exceeded.

"We saw great fishing in 2017 and higher than expected effort for rockfish," said CDFW Environmental Scientist Joanna Grebel. "Despite this, catches of canary rockfish under a one fish bag limit were less than predicted. We are excited to be able to offer additional fishing opportunity in 2018."

Pursuant to California Code of Regulations Title 14, Section 27.20(e), CDFW has the authority to make in-season modifications to the recreational fishery, including adjustments to bag and sub-bag limits.

CDFW encourages anglers to avoid known yelloweye rockfish hotspots when pursuing canary rockfish. Yelloweye rockfish cannot be retained and stringent annual limits on yelloweye rockfish bycatch mortality remain in effect for California's recreational groundfish fishery in 2018. Bycatch mortality of yelloweye rockfish is monitored during the fishing season and modifications to regulations could be made if mortality amounts reach annual limits."
Kayak Safety / Re: Best dry suits and wetsuits for kayak fishing?
« Last post by Zodiacker on April 04, 2018, 12:55 PM »
Aye don't know(?) "if" this is the "Best", but it works fine. Kept me dry the first time I used it.

I Zod Out
Kayak Safety / Best dry suits and wetsuits for kayak fishing?
« Last post by CaliSlammin on April 03, 2018, 01:05 PM »
Looking for a new wetsuit or dry suit for kayak fishing. I just have my Bulky waters right now and in the summer usually just wear shorts
CCKF Tournaments / Re: April Big Ling 100% payout
« Last post by RHYAK on April 01, 2018, 08:18 PM »
Before fishing. Paypal or cash. I will be in Cambria the next 3 days.
CCKF Tournaments / Re: April Big Ling 100% payout
« Last post by PJ on April 01, 2018, 04:36 PM »
When do fees have to b paid by?
CCKF Tournaments / Re: April Big Ling 100% payout
« Last post by surfbrewer on March 31, 2018, 04:36 PM »
Im paid up! Time to lay some lings on the board!
CCKF Tournaments / Re: April Big Ling 100% payout
« Last post by Dogpound on March 31, 2018, 02:44 PM »
just sent my entry fee!
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