Author Topic: Barracuda?? Is it a good tasting fish, and what are good recipies  (Read 2719 times)

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I've been catching loads of barracuda and have been hearing from locals that its a not so taste fish Anyone here have any advice on this?


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Re: Barracuda?? Is it a good tasting fish, and what are good recipies
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2012, 11:15 PM »
Cuda McNuggets

1.Freshly caught cuda.
2.Farm fresh egg.
3. 1 bottle Mickeys malt liquor
4. box of Ritz crackers
5. a HUGE smack of Crisco
6. paper towels :o

1.Each fillet is cleaned of the red blood line running through the fish.
2.Cut fillet into 4 pieces.
3. Mill up the crackers into a powder set aside,
4.Whisk the egg then add the beer, salt and pepper
5.Dip fillets one at a time into into the beer batter, then into the crackers.
6. Coat each piece completely without drippings before frying.  Dip'm again too. More Ritz.
7. Fry in Crisco only turning ONCE!  The nugget should be half way deep in oil at all times. 
8. Gently place each precious nugget onto a plate of paper towels.
9. Bow head and thank the Lord God for your safe trip and
    for the opportunity to harvest such a wonderfully tasting animal.
10. Destroy this paper recipe and memorize it. I don't know you.  You don't know me. 8)
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