What a fun weekend for #Surffishing the Central Coast for #SurfPerch. The Perch were not exactly on the chew but still able to manage a few. Took the wife and little guy up to the San Luis Obispo North Coast for a couple fun days and was able to get out and surf fish each morning. First morning decided to head North to the southern part of Big Sur and surf fish a spot near where a creek is supposed to come into the ocean. Not much flow except some underground seepage that I did notice in spots. Managed two surf perch in this location and was going to call it a day to get back home to spend some family time and hit San Simeon with the family before the winds picked up and decided I would get some drone footage from my new DJI Spark. Well, that did not work out as planned as you can see from this video and had a major fail. Not sure how it all went down, but not happy currently with the wifi connection with the drone to say the least. After the dji Spark drone crashed into a bluff, I searched for about an hour through poison oak and brush searching but no luck. Headed back with my tail between my legs and picked up the kiddo and wife and we headed to San Simeon. Only made a dozen cast of so at San Simeon with the kid helping reel a couple of those cast in. Its is gonna get fun watching that kid grow and learn to fish. The next morning woke up and new the wind was gonna be blowing by 11 so headed to Morro Bay to fish one last time. Started working the beach and found a few spots that should have been holding fish but not much luck. Ended up with two barred surf perch in about 3 hours of fishing before calling it a day. Tough bite for sure. But guess that is fishing. I fished the triple drop shot rig at all the locations. Thanks for watching please SUBSCRIBE to catch the next one.



* Sunny

* Air Temperature: 30-55

* Wind: SSE wind around 7 kt becoming SW in the morning.

* Swell: NW 3 ft at 15 seconds

* Water Temperature: 54

* Water Clarity: 1-5ft feet

* Water Depth: Surfzone

* Location: Morro Bay to Big Sur, California

* Tides: Low 8 am at 1.34ft with a High at 146 pm at 3.25ft

* Fished from 9:30am till 11:30 am and again 3-4pm

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