Things are looking great for this year’s Slam Down IV, which will be held on Saturday September 19th, 2015! Due to an increase in the number of participants last year, we’ve decided to change locations for the Slam Down. This year’s tournament headquarters will be held at El Chorro Regional Park. This area is going to be the best spot for the number of anglers expected. It will also allow us the opportunity to grow in size, with hopes that the Slam Down tournament will eventually become one of the largest kayak fishing events on the west coast. The El Chorro Regional Park day use area will be the meeting place for our Captains Meeting, Check-In Station, Potluck, Awards Ceremony, and camping festivities. If you’re interested in camping for the weekend, I would encourage you to book as soon as possible as campsites are filling up quick! Please continue to check the forum for registration and other Slam Down details. Registration should be available mid June. Hope to see you all at this year’s Slam Down IV!

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21 thoughts on “Central Coast Slam Down IV

  1. If you’ve never been to a CCKF event you are truely missing out. Great family enviorment with awesome people.

  2. I do believe this is going to be the biggest event in kayak fishing history that the west coast has ever seen. I will be making the trip from out of state and bringing my boys all the way from Las Vegas, NV! Big thanks to the CCKF crew! You guys never dissapoint. I’ll see you all there.

  3. This will be my first slam down event. I am looking forward to a great time, all the members I have talked to about this have nothing but positive things to say. Can’t wait I will be bring two other guys with me to this awesome event.

    • Welcome to the Event, Ryan.

      I am sure you and the other guys your bringing along will have a blast. Plus see if the family wants to join in for the weekend. Fun times the kids and wife will enjoy.


  4. This is a great group of guys promoting the fastest growing type of fishing in the USA. I can see the potential growth in the years I started kayaking. Fishing was a natural progression. And when I have interest in a Boat the is twin engine, and can burn up to 40 GPH. I fish mainly from the kayak when shore or rock fishing. I have watched this tournament grow from about 30 the first time by the third year there was 146. The popularity of this events growth is like the first 3yrs. I think there can be over 300 signed up for this event. as we are halfway between San Francisco. and Los Angles.

  5. So this will be my third year fishing the “Slam Down” events and I can proudly say every year I have had great memories and unimaginable fun being around friendly people who enjoy doing what I enjoy doing. Not only do we get to fish together as a community, but we also get to enjoy everyone’s stories and tales and expiriences of the event.
    Right when you think it couldn’t get better it does. Everyone pitches in and brings dishes to celebrate a big potluck, and a fresh fish fry!

    I am happy to be part of this event and look forward to it every year as it is almost like a birthday celebration. My bday is September 20 and I wouldnt want to be doing anything different. I get to be around friends from all over California!
    Great sponsors, great friends/family, and great festivities. Keep up the great work!

  6. CSD IV!!! Can’t wait to see all the familiar faces again and all of the new ones- This event is truly a blast for the anglers, the friends, and the families that amass on the Central Coast to fish, camp, and have fun. It will be number 3 for me and my family, and it’s something we look forward to all year. Come on down and join the fun!

  7. I love this event! When I first started in this sport I met up with some the folks that had participated in the first CSD.
    I participated in CSD II and CSD III based on the experience those folks related. I was not disappointed. The opportunity to meet so many people who love fishing this way and share stories, tips and check out the rigs and equipment everyone is using is just too fun. The chance to see and win kayaks from Jackson, and Hobie, to check out paddles from Bending Branches is awesome. The latest and greatest from Been There Caught That and some of the industries gear I first saw at the events have got me fishing with some of my new favorite equipment. CSD II top half, CSD III top ten, CSD IV top three? We’ll see! I am looking forward to the event, seeing all the great friends, and always to meeting all the new fisherman who are introduced to the sport at the CSD events. See you there!

  8. I had an awesome time fishing SlamDown III. Can’t wait for the next one. I already started the request off of work process. I may bring the whole family this year. So much fun!

    • Jesse,
      We look forward to seeing you this year…and PLEASE bring the whole family! It’ll be great times!

      CCKF Crew

    • Would love to see you compete, but the films have been great the last couple years and I am sure this year would lead to another great film.

    • Totally up to you Ricardo…but I must say your videos have been awesome over the years! Let us know your thoughts! Looking forward to seeing you at this years Slam Down!

  9. Never participated but we’re planning on showing up for sure to ck out . Where does everyone camp don’t want to miss anything.Considering signing up what are your thoughts my son & I have only fished together on a tandom he’s 12 and is experienced but has never been solo should I send him alone.
    Thanks Danny

    • Most this year will be camping at El Chorro, As this is the location of all the awards and raffle. Should be a great time regardless. As for fishing with your Son, either a tandem or single up to you on that. Would say keep fishing with him till he outgrows the tandem.


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