Report from Bottom Feeder.

“Went out at Ventura harbor Breakwall for lobster Thursday night. Was out there an hour before sun down and could barely get a spot on the wall. Way to crowded for me. I spent 5 hours out there, caught a bunch of shorts, but did manage to get some keepers. Will be checking some new spots next weekend.”


buggs bf

Bottom Feeder with his catch even on a busy night



When he finished with the hooping he hit the forest and produced a nice one

“This Saturday it was bear hunting. I found this guy cutting a ridge line . I put a stalk on him and zipped an arrow threw him at 15 yrds. He only went 40 yrds from there. That is what I love about a bow. You have to get up close and personal.”



Bottom Feeder with a nice local Bear



Bear bow

Want to thank Mark for letting us use his post for our home blog. Thanks again man. Hope you all enjoyed…

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