Congrats to Matt Wong

Matt has pulled off Back to Back wins for the California Anglers of the Year…

Will he repeat… or will someone give him a run for his money in 2019.

1st place – Matt Wong with 1756 points with a 175 point average

2nd place – Ryan Howell has 1668 points with a 166 points average

3rd place – Bill Dumong with 1612 points with a 161 point average

4th place – Scott Keller with 1520 points with a 152 point average

5th place – Andy Obien with 1365 points with a 136 point average

6th place – Mark Escobar with 804 points

7th place – Ron Sanders with 784 points

8th place – Dusty McAdon with 716 points

9th place – Jesse Poquette with 487 points

10th place – Zachariah Clift with 390 points


Full Scoreboard can be viewed here

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