Another great year and Ricci Chavez took the title of Cambria Slam Down Champ in back to back years.


Top Anglers for Cambria Slam Down III

Top Anglers for Cambria Slam Down III


1. Ricci Chavez
2. Andrew Deck
3. Casey Balch
4. John Ruiz
5. James Clendenen
6. Danny Hayes
7. Alfredo Besarea
8. Wyatt Magee
9. Eric McCnnaughey
10. Brandon Hinrichs
11. Glenn Batalla
12.Carlos Cantu
13. Eli Campos
14. Craig Macdonald
15. Khoa Nguyen
16. Scott Kopp
17. Francisco Gonzalez
18. Robert Huynh
19. Ren Reidel
20. Steve Orr
21. Ryan Howell
22. Diego Gamboa
23. Wesley Newman
24. Brian Reed
25. Pedro Besarea
26. Brian Valenzuela
27. Andy Obrien
28. Mike Andrews
29. Dan Dumong
30. Joe Koenig
31. Derrick Palk
32. Jesse Poquette
33. Wilson Riggs
34. David Broggie
35. Gary Valerio
36. Eric Tebbets
37. Jim Sunderland
38. Ben Hart
39. Rex McNamara
40. Chase Williams

Huge thank you to all the sponsors again that donated to the event and help us raise money for Heroes on the Water. We were able to raise $4000 this year, which is double what we raised the first two years combined.

Now to get started for Slam Down IV…

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