In Season Regulation changes

What does this mean for us, well it means we can keep more lingcod, but why. Did CDFW do this was it for the breeding period that would make the most since. Most of our fish are still breeding during the beginning of the season after all.  I am gonna go with this explanation for […]

NEW Hobie Passport – Thermoformed

Hobie came out with a NEW line of kayaks and this one is gonna be in a much different category then anything they have done before. It is the Hobie Passport which is a Thermoformed kayak. Hobie has not produced a kayak like this before and due to demand jumped into the market. The price […]

Simple Rockfish Rig

Probably the simplest yet most forgotted rockfish and lingcod rig. If all else fails tie this on tip it with squid strips and just drop it down and wind when the fish starts tugging. These can be purchased at almost any tackle shop but you can save a couple bucks and make your own fairly […]

Must know Rockfish knots

I go over the must know knots to get started in rockfishing, These will pretty much handle any situation your going to come across in rockfishing   Uni to Uni Knot Palomar Knot Improved Clinch Knot Dropper Lop Surgeons Loop These knots should help you get out there and put a big one on the […]

Bass Fishing in Chocolate Milk

Lake Nacimiento has been getting some much-needed rain however it made for some of the muddiest water I have ever fished. It was a fun day with a couple of other Central Coast anglers even if the bite was slow.   This spring should be wide open once we get a week or two of […]

How to tie a Surgeon Loop

How to tie a surgeon loop is simple going to start by making a loop and then tying an overhand knot but pass that loop through twice and you just tied the Surgeons Loop.   This is a great knot to tie for those having trouble with the dropper loop. I find both very strong […]

How to tie the Rapala Knot

Going over how to tie the Rapala knot. The Rapala Knot is a great fishing knot for connecting your lure to Florocarbon and mono. The Rapala Knot is the perfect loop knot for jerk bait fishing… The rapala knot is a strong fishing knot and easy even for the novice angler to learn. Thanks for […]