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Well, here's my solution to the "Hands Free - not really kayak. After having experienced the "not really hands free" Hobie Mirage Outback, Hobie Tandem Island, and my new Predator PDL I think this may work.  This should lock the rudder in place so you do not need to continually hold the steering control lever which results in only 1 hand free.

This actually doesn't put much strain on the lever at all and seems to lock it wherever you want.  For trolling straight it should be a big improvement, also could lock in place if you wanted to do a circle?  At least you should be able to have both hands free for a short time without immediatelly turning like what happens now especially with some wind.

Brought to you by "Boogieman" and the "Pismo Gismo Predator PDL/tandem/Minn Kota".  I used a cut down small plastic shimm wedge left over from a window installation at home (Home Depot).     
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