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fish finder with GPS
« on: May 06, 2020, 09:47 PM »
It has been a couple of years from the last update on fish finders. My Garmin striker 4+  After 2 years drank to much salt water and no longer works of coarse it stopped working when I needed it most it no workie, heavy fog cant see or hear the beach (landing spot) coming in. That is The main reason I got it!
The good basics simple to use, find nice structure's, time of day, water temp finding old marked hot spot's. depth, great price.
The bad lasted less then 2 years not dependable power wire corroded first year Needed it in the heavy fog 3 times and it did not work those 3 times. other minor no work problems back light 
Will I replace it and with what ???? most bad is my fault  I now use dielectric grease on wire connections, clean and dry ASAP on shore,  I have a very wet kayak and go swimming way to often.
Any recommendations for a new inexpensive  Fish finder with GPS  or do I forget fish finder and go with GPS-Radio? most of my fish buddies do not use radio or fish finder  I do take my water proof phone in a water proof case??
Thank You

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