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So I've been kayak angling for over 20 years, experienced in So CA + Baja, w/only 1 trip to Coastal No CA and 0 to Central. I fish on a PA14 anywhere from lakes to offshore big game and have been involved w/CCA, gill net ban, and the failed fight against the MPAs.
   Considering current limitations in Baja and potential Chumash + other fishing closures in the future, I am contemplating a trip to fish the Central CA coast. Somewhere between San Simeon and Morro at the end of June, coming from visiting family in Porterville area - so taking the 41 or 46 across. Looking for tent camping (cheap/self-sustain) and launching suggestions (post COVID) in the region. I am experienced in in shallow water RFs in Baja Norte, looking for spots and species I don't get to target in So CA. I am good at pre-chart research and enjoy fishing high spots/structure w/in a few miles of the launch.  I've researched on various kayak launch, charting, and boondocking camp sites, and can't seem to find the right blend of options close enough together, so here I am.
    Looking for suggestion for a launch (again, PA14) in a solid fishing area w/in 30 minutes of somewhere I can safely have an inexpensive, 1 night campsite (free BLM?). Or willing to spend a little more on a site I can leave camp set up and roll the kayak to the launch, w/fair fishing - but would prefer the best of both.

   I am gauging interest in a coastal Baja trip around the 4th of July on another kayak fishing group page as my other option, depending on recovery from COVID there. If interested in joining, let me know. I will be glad to privately swap more protected info on my Mex spots for Central CA.


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Welcomre aboard.  Leffingwell in Cambria is going to be your best bet for an easy launch with a Pa-14. Pretty much all the camping really close is state parks and is still closed due to Covid.  There are some cheap motels in San Simeon a few minutes up the road from Leffingwell.   Unfortunately not a lot of boondock camp sites in that stretch from Morro to San Simeon. Wish i had better info for ya

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