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Title: Reminder on photos
Post by: RHYAK on May 05, 2016, 05:02 PM

Please review the rules guys, its simple. Multiple photos so that tails and mouths can be noted as closed or we will start making deductions automatically. 

If submissions do not look like this we will start with a deduction and go from there. We are not going back and editing scores if you decide to submit additional photos because of the deductions. Submit them to start with so there is no issue.



Title: Re: Reminder on photos
Post by: RHYAK on July 15, 2016, 09:49 AM

OK gonna give some clarification on the photo requirement.

You need to take two photos of each fish as stated previously.

Cropping the original is not a second photo it is one in the same and in some cases makes things difficult to see the lines.

If we can not clearly see lines on a board we have no option but to DQ a catch, we are sorry about that but have to be fair to every angler involved in the AOTY not just the ones trying to break or stretch the rules.

So if you submit a AOTY catch and do not have 2 seperate photos as requested in the original rules, your catch will be DQ'ed no matter how clear the photo is.

Also if you pictures are blurry or light reflecting off a board makes it questionable on length then we will start adding deductions. 

Sorry we have to do this but we discussed it and wanted to be fair for everyone.

Please PM any of us with any questions regarding this.

Andy, Derrick and Ryan