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Title: Sinking a Kayak and Buoyancy
Post by: Bxavier on September 21, 2020, 06:08 AM
Did a little experiment in the pool the other day. Found out a kayak will float with a LOT of water in it. Thery're pretty hard to sink altogether...if not impossible. I finally got mine filled to the hatch and when this happened it was damn heavy and full of hundreds of gallons of water. The only way to float a filled kayak is to float it with something....then pump it out. You really can't move it much. I put four pool noodles and a few life jackets under it, that raised the hatch enough to start pumping it out. With a hand pump that would be a lot of work.... but it would work. I used my pool pump instead. Pool noodles have amazing buoyancy. Maybe the idea is to carry a bunch of noodles and a pump just in case.