The much anticipated rockfish (opener is April 1st with a close date of December 31st. (but always check the regulation for changes)

We are able to fish to a depth of 50 fathoms or 300 feet, which really opens up some great spots for us. Make sure you give those deep spots a try.

The daily bag and possession limit is 10 fish in combination of all species within the RCG Complex (includes all species of Rockfish, Cabezon and Greenlings) per person, with a sub-limit on black rockfish (3 per person) and canary rockfish (2 per person), also included in the 10 fish RCG Complex aggregate limit.

Yelloweye rockfish, link opens in new windowbronzespotted rockfish, and cowcod (PDF) may not be retained (bag limit: zero)Limit on rockfish is still 10 in total combination

Cabezon is part of that limit with a minimum length of 15 and a max of 3 can be Cabezon of your 10.

Limit on lingcod (PDF) (Ophiodon elongatus) is 2 which do not count towards your 10. Minimum length of 22 inches

Here is a link for our area of San Luis Obispo County.


As always make sure you stay safe and always check the weather before setting off in the morning.

Some pretty cool info out there guys to learn about the many species we have on the Central Coast.



Tight Lines in 2018 guys.



updated for Canary limit increase…


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