On September 16th , 2017, 70 kayak anglers participated in the Central Coast Slam Down 6 in a game of inches against each other in a multi-species tournament. Battling ankle slapper waves at most launches, anglers were able to fish any location in San Luis Obispo County and get on the water and fish. But as in years past, when the shore pound is usually the determining factor, the Central Coast dealt a mean red tide that made water clarity poor. In the end there was plenty of fun to be had. Anglers were able to get out on the water and do what they love to do best…fish. There were plenty of laughs and fish stories to share. Not only were anglers enjoying a beautiful day out on the Central Coast waters, but they also were able to raise over $4,000 for a local organization The Central Coast Autism Spectrum Center.

The scoring in this event was based on points per inch system, with each species being award a different predetermined point value. The following were the top ten Anglers:

1st place went to Dan Fleming who caught a 24.5 inch Lingcod, a 19.75 inch Cabezon and topped it off with a 22 inch Rockfish with a total of 468 points, taking home $1900

2nd Place went to Russell Villers who caught a 27.5 inch Lingcod, a 17.5 inch Cabezon and a 20.5 inch Rockfish with 455 points, taking  home $1100

3rd place went to Anthony Brackett who caught a 27.25 inch Lingcod, a 17.5 inch Cabezon and a 19.5 inch Rockfish with 445 points, taking home $800


These top three anglers were pretty much less than an inch away from each other, either direction, from switching places.


4th place went to Barton Riggs

5th place went to Mark Hawley

6th place went to Andy O’Brien

7th place went to Ren Reidel

8th place went to Wilson Riggs

9th place went to Mikey Rijavec

10th place went to Robert Marlow


Biggest Lingcod was 35 inches by Sean Harvell

Biggest Rockfish was 23 inches by Mikey Rijavec

Biggest Cabezon was 20.75 inches by Sabel Maguire

Biggest Halibut was 26 inches by Russ Thomas

Biggest Greenling was 14.5 inches by Barton Riggs.

Biggest Flounder was 11 inches by Mark Hawley

Biggest Perch was  9.5 inches by Andy Obrien

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