Fished the Eastern Sierras last weekend and had a blast. South lake was on fire for the stockers rainbow trout and on the 5ft, 1-4lb set up fishing 2lb test with a light drag. The fishing was fun. Caught and released at least 100 fish from that place over 2 days and then hit Crowley for some perch and trout action. They hit everything from the mini jigs to pinched crawlers. Fish really do love the Gulp.

South Lake in May

We rented a boat and started to look in the shallows for the Sacramento perch. First thing found some smaller 6inch fish and then moved around and found another school that was tad bit bigger but not much. Decided to give the trout trolling a try. Those tasmainian lures have a really awesome action and put 4 trout in the boat in about an hour. 3 browns and 1 rainbow. 2 of which were 5lb fish other two about 2pounders. Got pretty Windy for about an hour on us but once it stopped we decided to head over and try to locate some more perch. We found them in some shallow water. They were destroying the 2inch big hammers in dark colors. Probably caught close to 100 between the 3 of us on the boat. Kept about 50 of them.


This rocky shoreline was trippy.

Sorry this Video took a Couple weeks to complete.




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