Salmon Trolling out of Morro Bay. Couple of newbs to the Salmon trolling game, to say stoked on the catch is an understatement. We are both quitting our day job to take on Salmon full time off the SLO coast. Ingredients in the Poke King Salmon Soy Sause Sesame Seed Oil Ponzu Lime Juice Sesame Seeds Hoisin Sause Crushed Red Chili Pepper Red Onion Green Onion, Radish, Mango, Avacado, Carrots Enjoy with family and friends. If you enjoy these videos, please subscribe to this channel! Don’t forget to click that notification 🔔 ►►►CONDITIONS◄◄◄ FOGGY Air Temperature: 60 Wind: 5 mph or less Swell: 3-5 feet Water Temperature: 50 Water Clarity: 25-40 feet Water Depth: 100-300 Location: Morro Bay

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