“I just wanted to show off the custom built ling cod rod I just finished. It is a 10 wt. fiberglass 3 piece fly rod. It breaks down nicely to stow away for launch/landings, and being fiberglass is much tougher than graphite. It is 7’9″ which is long enough to get around the front of the yak when necessary but short enough to be able to land the fish easier. The 10 wt. will give me a bit more lifting power as well.”

rods 1


I wrapped the guides with natural silk which goes clear when epoxy is applied. I have a pic of this rod in progress with the guides wrapped but no epoxy yet. I ‘ll take some pics of some ling cod flies and post those up too if you would like.

rods 2

And here is a close up of after epoxy.
The generous application of a honey wheat ale definitely aids the process(up to a point!).

rods 3

Here is a small selection of flies. they can range from 4″ up to 10″ and often are weighted although if you can get in the right conditions a slow sinking/neutral fly is deadly.

salty flies

Big Thank you to Scott aka FlyYaker for sharing his custom fly rod he built for fishing lings off his kayak.

One thought on “New Lingcod Rig

  1. I am hoping to put some major “bendo” in this Epic rod, and make the Lamson ARX it is paired with sing in the Estero Bay Kayak Tournament this weekend.

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