Got Wacked by the Tax Man

Vandenberg Shark Attack Date: October 3rd, 2014 Time: Approximately 2pm Area: Off Boat House at Vendenberg Depth: 40-50 feet of water Water Color: Greenish tint Water Clarity: 10ft Sky: Blue no clouds Air Temp: 90+ degrees on the coast I joined Vincent Culliver and Brad Rudolf to go fishing for the first time off of […]

Cambria Slam Down III Results

Another great year and Ricci Chavez took the title of Cambria Slam Down Champ in back to back years.   TOP 40 ANGLERS 1. Ricci Chavez 2. Andrew Deck 3. Casey Balch 4. John Ruiz 5. James Clendenen 6. Danny Hayes 7. Alfredo Besarea 8. Wyatt Magee 9. Eric McCnnaughey 10. Brandon Hinrichs 11. Glenn […]

CSD III Update…

Well the first stage of online registration was a great success and have to give a huge thank you to Konig Media for helping us get this set up for the Slam Down this year. Have to say his patients with my computer knowledge has been great. With less then a month to go until […]

SLAM DOWN III -September 27th, 2014

Cambria Slam Down III registration is up and running! Please sign up early and tell your friends about this one. This is not an event that you want to miss! Registration will be very easy this year, thanks to Konig Media for making registration, payments, and product purchases all online! This years grand prize is […]