Surf Perch fishing on a California Morning

Love me some #surfperch fishing on the Central Coast. Hit a couple different spots in this video and just could not find them in numbers, Had a few short bites but not a lot of keepers today. Ended up getting them on the Gulp Sandworms which I am pretty sure crack for perch. ►►►CONDITIONS◄◄◄ o […]

How to tie the FG Knot

Going over how to tie a FG knot. The FG Knot is a great fishing knot for connecting braided line to Florocarbon and mono. This way of tying the fg knot requires no tension on your line which is almost impossible to do while on a kayak or any smaller fishing vessel. I think this […]

New changes to Groundfishing Regulations for 2019

Wow it is odd to tight 2019. DFW has released some changes to this season. For us here on the Central Coast we can only keep 1 Lingcod and depth will be moving back out to 300ft. Changes to the regulations. Lingcod limit 1 Obviously still have 3 months till our season opens but applicable […]

Trolling for Cachuma Lake Trout

Started 2019 fishing at #Cachuma Lake. Target was going to be Rainbow Trout from my 2019 Hobie Outback. Really liking this kayak after having it the last couple months. As far as the fishing went started the morning to a cold frost over my whole truck. A warm 27 degrees with no wind. Trolled the […]

2018 Angler of the Year winner Matt Wong

Congrats to Matt Wong Matt has pulled off Back to Back wins for the California Anglers of the Year… Will he repeat… or will someone give him a run for his money in 2019. 1st place – Matt Wong with 1756 points with a 175 point average 2nd place – Ryan Howell has 1668 points […]

Struck Gold – Eastern Sierra

Made a super quick trip to to the sierras this past weekend. Got off work Sunday morning and headed up and made a stop at families on Sunday afternoon, fished South Lake and Bishop Creek that afternoon for a big skunk. That is ok because it is Beautiful up there right now. That night my […]

Congrats to the Central Coast Slam Down VII Winners

Congrats to Central Coast Slam Down VII Winners  1st – Mike Zuch – All expenses paid trip to LOS BUZOS RESORT thanks to FISHVILLAGE &  1ST Place Plaque made by SANTA YNEZ SIGNS + $1000 in CASH 2nd – Uriah Williams – HOBIE OUTBACK KAYAK worth $2,750 thanks to MORRO BAY LANDING 3rd – Anthony Brackett– $1500 in CASH 4th – Dan Fleming 5th – […]

8 years of CCKF

Wow time flies, John and Ryan started Central Coast Kayak Fishing 8 years ago as a way for anglers that fish the Central Coast to connect and enjoy our beautiful coastline. Over a 1000 members later and many new friends made by a lot of guys we are hear today in 2018. Here is to […]


The Fish n Fool Knot is an extremely strong but still simple knot to tie. Really just a modification to the uni knot. This must know fishing knot that every angler should know is the Fish n Fool knot. In this video I demonstrate how to tie the Fish n fool knot. The Fish-n-Fool knot […]

September 2018 Angler of the Year Update

On the back hill slide for the 2018 Angler of the Year… September 1st AOTY Round up 1st place – Matt Wong with 1672 points with a 167 point average 2nd place – Ryan Howell has 1647 points with a 164 points average 3rd place – Bill Dumong with 1598 points with a 159 point […]