Central Coast of California Rockfish opener

The much anticipated rockfish (opener is April 1st with a close date of December 31st. (but always check the regulation for changes) We are able to fish to a depth of 50 fathoms or 300 feet, which really opens up some great spots for us. Make sure you give those deep spots a try. The […]

How to Catch Rockfish and Lingcod

Some call it deep sea fishing but either way get asked a lot what set ups to use for rockfish and #lingcod. So in this Video I go over all the tips and techniques that I use for them. What lures to use for #rockfish is touches as well. We go over the fishing knots […]

Knot Wednesday – Alberto knot or RP Knot

How to tie the Alberto Knot or RP Knot – Strongest Braid to Fluorocarbon Knot The Alberto knot or RP Knot is one of the most proven knots around for making the connection from braid to leader. Easy to tie even in the dark or on a bumpy boat. This knot works both for freshwater […]

Knot Wednesdays – Dropper Loop

The dropper loop is probably the simplest loop knot for fishing yet still extremely strong. This must know knot that every angler should know is the dropper loop knot it is one of the best fishing knots for suspending hooks, lures, swivels and even weights. In this video I demonstrate how to tie the dropper […]

Surf Perching with DRONE FAIL

What a fun weekend for #Surffishing the Central Coast for #SurfPerch. The Perch were not exactly on the chew but still able to manage a few. Took the wife and little guy up to the San Luis Obispo North Coast for a couple fun days and was able to get out and surf fish each […]

Knot Wednesday – Palomar Knot

Knot Wednesdays This weeks Knot Wednesdays is the Palomar Knot… Probably one of the easiest knots to master and also one of the strongest. The palomar knot is the knot that if you do not know how to tie it you must learn today. Make sure that with all knots you practice them until you […]

How to Catch stocker rainbow trout

What is the best way to Catch trout from the bank? What rods and reels do I need for trout fishing? What tackle is needed for fishing for Stocked Rainbow Trout? All these questions will be answered on trout fishing. In this video I go over everything you need to know to catch stocked rainbow […]

GoFish Cam Review

Received this Go Fish Cam which is an Underwater Camera about 5 months ago and have been able to make about a dozen trips with it and pretty happy with it thus far. Here is my review and overview of the GoFish Cam. GoFish Cams customer service has been good as well and they have […]