Launched at day break which was about 530am and headed out to the grounds to find some bait which was plentiful once in the zone. Made about 15 Spanish and jumbo greenback mackerel and a couple sardines and started fishing. Current and wind were cranking so the drift was perfect at about 1.5mph with a 6oz sinker and a threeway set up with a trap hooked mackeral. Checking my bait every 20 minutes. This fish came right after putting fresh bait on and sending it back down this halibut fell victim to a 7 inch Spanish mackerel hooked on the trap hook. The recipe for this is fairly simple… Macadamia Nuts : Panko : Butter or Ghee : Pepper plant seasoning optional : Cast Iron Skillet : Enjoy with family and friends. If you enjoy these videos, please subscribe to this channel! Don’t forget to click that notification 🔔 ►►►CONDITIONS◄◄◄ FOGGY Air Temperature: 60-70 Wind: 5-20 mph or less Swell: 3 feet Water Temperature: 67 Water Clarity: 25-40 feet Water Depth: 50-80 Location: Santa Barbara

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