Made a super quick trip to to the sierras this past weekend. Got off work Sunday morning and headed up and made a stop at families on Sunday afternoon, fished South Lake and Bishop Creek that afternoon for a big skunk. That is ok because it is Beautiful up there right now.

That night my brother in law and myself packed everything into our packs including the fishing rods and tackle as to not be tempted to stop at every lake we passed along the way to our final destination, with an early morning departure planned we ventured into the mountains finally hitting the dirt just after first light at 6:30am and ended up doing just over 11 miles with almost a 3000ft elevation increase. Damn its hard to breath at 10K let alone 12K.

We honestly did not even know if these lakes actually held golden trout or not but that was our target species and about the only lake in day range from this location and still get us up into there country. Armed with a topo map and a compass we hit the trails and man, the views were absolutely amazing, every turn lent itself to another breath taking view (pretty sure it was the views not the hiking) Once we arrived at the lake we were astonished by the views and just how clear the water was easily seeing down to the bottom in even the deepest pools, fish scattered throughout the water.

Think the best part might just have been how peaceful it was having the whole mountain to ourselves and maybe a couple wild animals watching over us that we did not even see. Nothing huge was caught, but that was not expected. I was expecting 6inch fish but we were greeted with 10-14inchers which was a good surprise.

Cant wait to get back up there for a couple day adventure next season.

Tight Lines,





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