Must know Rockfish knots

I go over the must know knots to get started in rockfishing, These will pretty much handle any situation your going to come across in rockfishing   Uni to Uni Knot Palomar Knot Improved Clinch Knot Dropper Lop Surgeons Loop These knots should help you get out there and put a big one on the […]

How to tie the FG Knot

Going over how to tie a FG knot. The FG Knot is a great fishing knot for connecting braided line to Florocarbon and mono. This way of tying the fg knot requires no tension on your line which is almost impossible to do while on a kayak or any smaller fishing vessel. I think this […]

KNOT WEDNESDAY – Berkley Braid Knot

The Berkley Braid Knot is an extremely strong but still simple knot to tie. This must know knot that every angler should know is the Berkley Braid knot it is one of the best fishing knots for attaching lures and hooks. In this video I demonstrate how to tie the Berkley Braid knot. The Berkley […]

Knot Wednesday – Twisted Dropper Loop

Twisted dropper loop is a great knot for surf perch fishing as well, as I use it for fishing for panfish to keep the bait away from my main line some and decrease tangles. But really can be used in any situation that you would normally use a dropper loop.