Full review of the 2016 Hobie Outback.
Thing comes ready to peddle and is built for comfort and stability.

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Vantage CT Seating is the biggest perk of this new outback.
This thing can even double as a chair on the beach if you decide to find a beach for a picnic.

The Center Cockpit is much flatter than previous models and has two mesh Storage compartments.
The Outback still come standard with the 8inch twist and stow.
However the upgrade to the square hatch is easy to have done or do yourself.

The Hobie Mirage drive some stock with ST fins, which offer a little more speed than the old style fins however to get the most out of the Hobie Mirage Glide Technology upgrade to the ST Turbo Fins.
Some of the Stats of this New Outback.

Overall length on this kayak is 12 feet 1inch and is a total of 33 inches wide which provides plenty of stability. Has a weight capacity of 400lbs.
The weight of this kayak is slightly heavier then older models coming in at 99lbs fully Rigged, Just the Hull Weights 81lbs.

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